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The T- Type Headache is the most common type of headache. It is described as a constant pain which is located at the base of the skull and at the neck area. The pain often likes as a ring which smashes all the skull.  The pain can also be found in the temple or in the forehead (above the eyes).The frequency and the duration of the pain vary. It can appear daily and it takes a few minutes to several days. The T- Type Headache is caused by increased  contraction of the facial, head, neck and shoulder muscles. Most of the times the pain is located on both sides of the head.  The people who suffer from such headaches describe them "the pain is like something which tightens their head as much as possible" or "the pain is like a weight above their heads."
In the case of T- Type Headache and Migraine, the person has a dysfunctional habit of tightening some muscles during the day or even in his sleep and this tightening causes pain. First of all, the person must be informed with details about the T- Type Headache or the Migraine and understand how it relates to stress. Our team trains the person with the help of electromyographic biofeedback to control and appease the muscle tension in order to eliminate the symptoms of the T- Type Headache or the Migraine. Our intervention is completed by the training in relaxation techniques and stress management.