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 How Can Stress Be Treated


The mind and the body interact and are absolutely connected. Our physiology affects our mental mood, and the mental mood affects our physical functions. When a person is tired or ill, his mental mood and his cognitive function are affected. With the same way the stress affects his physical functions.
The abnormal stress, which comes from cognitive / imaginative stressors, not having ways to ease, it creates tension/stress on physical functions.Unfortunately, this tension does notrecognize immediately and appears slowly over time, causing problems on vital organs and body systems. The prolonged sympathetic arousal reduces the beneficial functions of the Parasympathetic Nervous System, such as the functions of the reproductive, digestive and immune system. So the stress "disarms" our body from the protection of our immune system, and we are vulnerable to the appearance of somatic symptoms and diseases to which we are predisposed or are exposed. When the stress accumulates and the person overcome his "limits" are appeared both physical and psychological problems. In the beginning the most common psychosomatic problems are headaches, stomach problems, insomnia, dermatological etc.
The biggest secret in this case is the relaxation, mental and physical, and the best weapon is logic (Diamantidis).
How will we face up to stress?
The half way in order to deal with stress is to learn the mechanism which creates stress and the other half is the way of relaxation and biofeedback.