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Recent years stress affects significantly the everyday life. We  could say that has become a way of life and habit. In  related studies it has been proved that stress associated with the appearance of various psychosomatic and psychological disorders. The meaning of stress is very complex and it is difficult for us to give a clear and specific definition. We could say that:


Stress / stress is a system of body’s preparing to deal with a situation of 'risk' (real or imaginary).  The stress mobilizes all the physical systems of the body in order to deal with  the threat, and to survive. (Christidis, 2001)

Stress is all the neurophysiological changes of the body when "threatened" or "is in danger"  from a stimulus or a situation.

The stressful situations may be
- Natural
- Mentally or emotionally
- Real or imaginary
and come from both external and internal environment of the person. (Christidis, 2001)

The physical stressors represent sudden changes or not, in the  inside or outside environment. On the other hand, artificial or mental or cognitive stressors represent threats and risks which are produced after cognitive processes and expressions of ‘’ego’’.